Cosmetic Dentistry in Iowa City 

Your smile plays a key role in the way you look and feel.  It can highlight your natural beauty, or it can detract from it. The dental profession is well equipped to not only make your teeth healthy but to make them more attractive too. 

Dr. Molly Moreland at Advanced Dentistry of Iowa City enjoys contributing to the positive effects of cosmetic dental procedures on people’s physical appearance and their psychological well-being. Her experience, compassion, and expert care provide several treatments that can make a difference in your smile and your life. 

Many Ways to Enhance your Natural Beauty

Cosmetic dental treatments may address tooth color, shape, and size, or they may include treatments that reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. Dr. Moreland offers several enhancements to make you look and feel better: 

Teeth Whitening with Lumabrite® professional strength whitening gel can remove stains quickly and conveniently. This take-home treatment brightens teeth by several shades and allows you to whiten your smile at your own pace. 

Composite Resin is a tooth-colored substance used to conceal decay and dental imperfections. It is precisely matched to surrounding enamel and seamlessly bonded onto teeth for a result that is durable and undetectable. Dr. Moreland can sculpt this onto chips or areas of discoloration to give teeth a more uniform appearance.   

Porcelain Veneers can dramatically transform the shade, shape, size, and position of teeth. These super thin shells have the luster and durability of natural enamel. They are custom designed to fit onto the fronts of the most visible six to eight teeth, making them straighter, brighter, and more symmetrical. 

Porcelain Crowns completely encase teeth for restorations that are lifelike and durable. They are customized to complement your unique facial structure and skin tone. When cared for properly, crowns can last a lifetime. 

Fixed Bridges can be used for one or two missing teeth. Neighboring teeth are first capped with porcelain crowns, and then prosthetic teeth are cemented onto them to fill in space. The entire bridge looks natural and matches surrounding dentition. 

Laser treatments for gummy smiles can create proper gingival height for maximum visibility of teeth, giving people a fuller smile. 

Botox Injections relax facial muscles, so skin cannot wrinkle. It is injected around the mouth, forehead, and eyes and erases and diminishes creases in the skin. 

Dermal Fillers rejuvenate your appearance by plumping areas that appear hollow in the face due to the natural aging process. Collagen restores subcutaneous fat, so people appear younger. It is used to soften wrinkles and plump lips.  

Dr. Molly Moreland at Advanced Dentistry of Iowa City Provides Quality Cosmetic Dental Care 

Dr. Moreland strives to help you smile with teeth that are beautiful and complementary to your unique features. Advanced Dentistry of Iowa City for Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to serve people throughout Iowa City and the surrounding communities. Contact our office today to learn more about how your next dentist appointment can boost your self-esteem and add appeal to your appearance.    

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